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Transition/ Settling


When your child begins their journey at Chesters Nursery, we ask that parents are prepared to stay in the playroom for the first week of settling in to enable a smooth transition into your child's new environment.

On your child's first visit, it will consist of a one hour period allowing the child to explore their new environment, meet their new keyworker and the parent/carer can complete the required paperwork.

Every child is different and some may settle into the nursery environment quicker than others which is why the settling period has no set time. Instead parents and the child's keyworker will work together to ensure the child feels comfortable and settled within the setting before undertaking the full hours agreed.



Very similar to the settling process when a child is moving from one playroom to another, they also complete a settling in peiod where they gradually extend their time within the new playroom environment with their current keyworker until they feel safe and comfortable within their new surroundings, friends and new keyworker.