Chesters Nursery School

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Meals & Snacks

Snack and lunches are provided by Glasgow City Council's Public and Land Services (PaLS).

Children attending the nursery for a full day session are provided with a morning snack, a two course lunch and an afternoon snack.

Children attending for a half day session will be provided with one snack am or pm (hours dependent) and a two course lunch.

Our lunches alternate daily between a starter and a main or a main course and pudding. The main course options also consist of one meat based and one vegetarian option available for the child to choose on the day.

If your child has any allergies or dietry requirements we will cater for these, however we kindly ask that you provide the nursery with a letter from your GP.


Please find images of our current menu below.

Week 1 Lunch Menu        Week 2 Lunch Menu      Week 3 Lunch Menu       Week 4 Lunch Menu

Snack Menus weeks 1-4