Chesters Nursery School

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Suitable Clothing

Outdoor play

At Chesters, we participate in daily outdoor play in all weathers which is why we ask all parents/carers to ensure children are wearing suitable clothing. For example in the winter this may consist of a hat, scarf, gloves, heavy jackets/water proofs and wellieboots. If this cannot be provided personally, Chesters has a variety of outdoor wear that can be supplied. (Please speak to a member of staff)


Messy Play 

As our children are learning through play, they will be participating in some creative and messy experiences which can result in clothes getting dirty. Therefore, we ask that all parents/carers provide children with spare clothes to be change into.



If parents/carers wish to purchase poloshirts and sweatshirts with our Chesters Nursery logo on, there is an option to do so.

If you would like to place a uniform order please speak to a member of the management team.


We would also appreciate that children do not wear the following whilst attending nursery:

  • clothing that could potentially encourage conflict (such as football colours, anti-religious or political symbols)


We would also like to ask parents/carers to write your child's name on their clothing to prevent any potential mixups.