Chesters Nursery School

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Visions, Values & Aims

Our Vision

Chesters Nursery School is a friendly, welcoming, inclusive and nurturing nursery where every child is given the opportunity to fulfil their potential and where we deliver the highest quality education.

We value and celebrate the cultural diversity of all our children and families and the importance of working in partnership withour families and the wider community to ensure our children are safe,healthy and included.



Our Values

At Chesters Nursery we value all children and families from all cultures and backgrounds.

We also know that all children are individuals and learn in their own way. Staff within our setting also value the development of respect and kindness for others.


Our Aims

At Chesters Nursery we aim to:

  • Ensure all children are safe and happy
  • Encourage respect for others
  • Meet the needs of individual children
  • Motivate children and allow them to be actively involved in their own learning
  • To have fun when learning
  • To stimulate active and enquiring mind
  • To promote equality and fairness